Waterless Car Wash Business in India

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  • 29-Mar-2022

About GoWaterless
GoWaterless is a waterless & 100% eco-friendly car care brand that provides doorstep services. They are on a mission to save 1 TRILLION LITRES OF WATER. The company uses a unique method to clean cars where a highly lubricative spray is used to polish and wash the vehicle's bodywork. The spray encapsulates dirt and dust particles and a microfiber cloth is used to wipe it off. This method has revolutionized the car-cleaning industry. The best part is that the customers don’t even have to move out from the comfort of their home to book an appointment. One can download the app from the google play store to book an appointment and avail their service. This will make the vehicle look as good as new and that too without using a single drop of water. They are also building a team of water warriors by offering franchise opportunities all across the country.

What Is So Unique About GoWaterless Car Cleaning?
Their cleaning process consists of two steps - spraying the liquid on the vehicle and wiping it off using a microfiber cloth. Saves Water | ZERO Chemicals | 100% Eco-Friendly | Saves Car from Rust | Saves Car from Scratches | Saves Car from UV Rays | Protects Car’s Shine | Car looks Spotless | Saves Efforts | Saves Time.

Why Is It Necessary To Go Waterless? 
We are going through times of extreme water crisis. According to NITI Aayog, if we keep using water resources at the current rate, by 2040, 90% of the population of our country will have no access to safe drinking water. India has only 4% of the world’s fresh water reserves.  In our country, almost 21% of the diseases are water related. In addition, every year almost 2 lakh people die due to inadequate access to safe, hygienic water!

In times like this, won’t it help if we can save water anywhere we can? Car wash is one of the major causes of this water crisis. Let’s look at our country for example. India has more than 23 crore cars. It takes approximately 150 litters of water to wash 1 car in a washing center. Even if 1 car is washed just 50 times in a year, the total amount of water wasted is 1.7 TRILLION LITERS OF WATER! It is our responsibility to save every drop of water, hence it’s time to Go Waterless.

How Can One Be A Part Of This Mission?
You can be a part of this mission in two ways - Save Water wherever possible and get your car cleaned by GoWaterless. You can also apply to become a Franchise Partner of the company. They have their presence in a total of 14 states and 32 cities as of June 2021. More than 75 franchise partners have availed the opportunity to build a business with a cause. The company offers a total of 10-in-1 business opportunities to their partners. The ones which are already operational and prominent are; Waterless Car Cleaning, Car Detailing and Sanitization services. Upcoming services that the franchise partners will be able to promote include - Car Insurance | Car Service | On-Road Assistance | Packaged Water | Pest Control | Home Cleaning | Tank Cleaning. To get more details and apply to become a Franchise Partner, visit their website or give them a call on their toll-free number.
GoWaterless - On a Mission to Revolutionize the Car Cleaning Industry!

Waterless Car Cleaning
Business with a Cause
There is no doubt that India is undergoing a severe water crisis. 21 major cities in the country are poised to run out of groundwater in two years, which has been depleting for years. Not only groundwater but almost two-thirds of the nation’s reservoirs are running below normal water levels. It is imperative that we start taking this global crisis seriously, and do our bit in saving water. One of the major causes of water depletion is Car Wash. GoWaterless is a brand that is doing its bit to prevent this crisis by providing waterless car cleaning services.

Benefits Of Go Waterless

  • Saves water
  • No chemicals
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Saves the environment
  • Protects car from UV rays
  • Makes your car spotless
  • Saves car from scratches
  • Saves car from rust
  • Saves time
  • Services offered by GoWaterless
  • Waterless Car Cleaning
  • Micro Detailing
  • Car Sanitization
  • Commercial Sanitization
  • Door Step Service

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