VAATSALYA KIDS ...My First Chotta School India's Fastest Growing Preschool Chain

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  • 29-May-2024

VAATSALYA KIDS ...My First Chotta School India's Fastest Growing Preschool Chain VAATSALYA KIDS MY FIRST CHOTTA SCHOOL - MY FIRST CHOTTA SCHOOL (with material) in 114,999-541,000; ZERO Franchise Fee, No Royalty in 1st Year. VAATSALYA KIDS MY FIRST CHOTTA SCHOOL, an affordable Budgeted Premium Preschool, is a National Branded Chain of Preschools is a venture of M/s KRISH EDUCARE. The company which has been into Education Business for the past Four years and having experience in the education sector for more than 12 years and having only one office in Delhi. Seeing the potential in the education sector and especially into the Preschool Industry, forayed into education sector with the Brand KRISH EDUCARE.


Having its presence felt across different parts of India with 95+ centers, 3 Regional Office i.e Lucknow, Ranchi & Goalpara, it is further spreading its wings in the other areas. Recently it launched VAATSALYA KIDS MY FIRST CHOTTA SCHOOL, playschool at affordable cost, targeting the City/ Metro, Sub-metro, Il tier & III tier Cities, Dist Level, Taluk as & Village audience. People here are looking for budgeted investment with no compromise on the quality and that where. VAATSALYA KIDS MY FIRST CHOTTA SCHOOL comes into the picture. It emphasises on the overall development of the child through age-appropriate learning experiences, preparing them thoroughly for the next stage of their schooling. We want to help all those small entrepreneurs, who have a vision to impart quality education for all children in India at their early stage at affordable cost but lack on big investment and we want them to come forward and Open VAATSALYA KIDS MY FIRST CHOTTA SCHOOL which is not only Budgeted Playschool butwith quality. We will support them with quality education, affordable Education giving all Knowledge, Technical know-how, Furnitures, Educational Material, Toys & tools, Recruitment & Training, Curriculum, Techinical Support, Marketing Support Quality and Service. We have recently launched AR TECHNOLOGY BOOKS, ART & CRAFT & FLASH CARDS which is our USP and makes us different from rest of others and also India's Most Affordable Budgeted Preschool Opportunity (Zero Franchise Fee) paving the way to make the kids enjoy their study thru technology. We have also inculcated the moral values which is missing from the society in our curriculum also. 

We are also launching VAATSALYA ABACUS for age group 6 yr to 14 yrs. Abacus can be used as a better alternative to the calculator and it will increase your knowledge of the basic operations of mathematics. Abacus can be used as a better alternative to the calculator and it will increase your knowledge of the basic operations of mathematics. We have launched with a Franchisee Fee of Rs.25,000 but this will be given FREE to all franchisee of VAAT SALYA KIDS MY FIRST CHOTTA SCHOOL to increase the revenue of the preschool. Currently we are offering both Online & Offline Mode. We are also launching VAAT SALYA GENIUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, our primary section from Class 1-5 later extended to class 8) IN 2025. It will be also a venture with low investment but high return and without compromising on the quality and service. We will be launching it with Franchise Fee and Royaltysystem. We will be opening the Playschool & Preschool at your place (1000 sq ft -2500 sq ft) with a launch price of Rs.114,999/- to 5,41,000 without any Franchise Fee. We are also looking for DISTRICT FRANCHISE & MASTER FRANCHISE ALL INDIA WHICH WILL COST BETWEEN RS. 5,00,000 TO RS. 10,00,000/- with High Returns. All training will be given at our Head Office in Delhi free of cost and if at your place then will be at cost. We are also giving VAATSALYA ABACUS which cost 25,000/-, we are giving this Free of Cost along with the Preschool Package. We are going to launch HANDWRITING COURSES & VEDIC MATHS which will be also given along with Pre Primary Schools. Having launched in the months of March,2019 we have already finalised 95+ centres Pan India, 3 Master Franchise i.e Eastern Uttar Pradesh, North East India & Jharkhand, & 3 District Franchises also. WHY US? • AN ISO9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY KIDS • 100% DEDICATED & FOCUSSED AND PRACTICAL APPROACH • UNIQUE CURRICULUM AND MONTHLY PLANNER • MSME CERTIFIED •GSTAPPROVED COMPANY • MEMBER OF TOYASSOCIATION OF INDIA • MEMBER OF EARLY CHILDHOOD ASSOCIATION • CHANNEL PARTNET OF INDIAMART • PRESCHOOLAWARDS SINCE LAST 3 YEARS • NO FRANCHISE FEE,* • AFFORDABLE PRICE FOR PLAYSCHOOLWITH MATERIAL • QUALITY EDUCATION • ALL FURNITURE, EDUCATIONAL AIDS. MONTESSORI MATERIAL, SCHOOL DECOR, INDORE TOYS, OFFICE MATERIAL, ADVT MATERIALINCLUDED •ARTECHNOLOGY BOOKS AND FLASH CARD • ANDROID APP FOR ALL DIARY, NOTES, FEES, PHOTO, EVENTS LONG WITH ERP • CCTVSURVEILLANCE TO PARENTSATHOME 24*7 SERVICE • ALL BRANDED MATERIAL WITH 6 MONTHS WARRENTY • STUDENTKITATCOST • FREE TRAINING TO OWNER & STAFF • RECRUITMENT SUPPORT • DESIGN SUPPORT • MARKETING SUPPORT • SOCIAL & DIGITAL MARKETING (ENQUIRY GENERATION)

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