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Vandey's Restaurant

Want to have your own business in hospitality sector with a Reputed Fast Food brand? Join Vandey’s...Now!

Veg Fast Food Franchisee Available with lowest investment and lowest royalty in the segment.

Our extensive menu includes numerous options in Brown Bread Sandwiches, Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, Garlic Breads, Pav Bhaji, Fries, Chinese Foods, Footlong, Snacks, Extra Toppings,  Cold Coffee ,Juices, Mocktails etc. Vandey's serves No. one Delicious Cold coffee with low price in Jaipur..Vandey’s  with the rich experience of across generations, we offer the best quality Fast Food  with Indian traditional tastes. We aim to provide excellent service to our customer and ensuring that our Delicious Fast Foods &n ...

bsp;& other products are of top quality.

We derive our Best Fast Foods Items  products with Mouth watering Quality & Taste. Due to our Services and low Food price  in products, we have gained Satisfaction & Trust over Customers.

Mr Suresh - Director
Dreamz School

Importance of Pre-school education.

Education begins in a child the day he is welcomed into this world and continues till the rest of their lives. But the intensity of learning that is demonstrated in the preschool years is immense. Henceforth, babies and toddlers need positive early learning experiences for their intellectual, social and emotional development.

Preschool provides the first broad spectrum of academic learning in a child’s life. Their very first steps into the outer world without their parental support.These innocent and inquisitive toddlers are ready to dive in the world of knowledge.

Here comes the mammoth task of parents in choosing a perfect play school for their child wherein they can ensure that their child is in ...

safe hands and education is not a burden for the little ones. These days pre schools are not leaving a single stone unturned to impart the best of childhood education. From providing eco-friendly environment to best play way method of teaching to appointing caring and well-trained teachers. Pre-schooling is a very crucial stage of a child’s life which must be dealt with utmost sensitiveness. Therefore, there must be more focus on the importance of play. Play provides children with the opportunity to actively explore, manipulate, and interact with their environment. It allows children to experiment with the world around them and the emotional world inside them. To many it might seem like mere entertainment, but during such activities progress takes place in skill building, problem solving, overcoming physical and mental challenges, and so forth. Playing with products made especially for the preschool children helps a child build self confidence, encourages independent learning, and clears his concepts. For the development of their fine and large or gross motor movements, and for the growth of the child's eye-hand coordination, it is extremely important for him to 'play' with the natural things around him. It encourages children to investigate, create, discover, and motivate them to take risks and add to their understanding of the world. It challenges children to achieve new levels of understanding of events, people, and the environment by interacting with concrete materials.

The best things that two-to-five year old children learn through various activities at preschool are social skills. They learn how to wait for turns, how to follow instructions, and how to co-operate with other young children in different activities, which include listening to stories in story time, working together in drawing, and constructing different things in building sessions. The activities at preschool are designed in such a manner that the kid learns a lot of basics while having a lot of fun with his peers Children get a lot more opportunities of building their creative minds through various crafty and artistic activities designed by preschool teachers Along with physical skills and motor skills, a child’s coordination skills improve significantly with all the group activities at preschool.

According to the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), more than two-thirds of 4-year-olds and more than 40 percent of 3-year-olds were enrolled in a preschool in 2005. "Children who attend high-quality preschool enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not," says NIEER director W. Steven Barnett, PhD. Finally, preschool education is important because it can give your child the edge in a competitive world.

Mr Nandkishore Ahir - Director
JIE Pre School

Mrs. Avneet Kaur, a young and successful entrepreneur in the field of Education business,

A Post Graduate in Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education with more than 8 years experience feels, there is a big need gap when it comes to professional and high quality childcare and preschool education. Her career is exposed to a variety of aptitudes and skills including the natural ability of working with children, the power to create effective teaching methods in a suitable learning environment. Besides being a mother, teacher and entrepreneur she lends her experience to other social activities. She feels that the inputs a child receives at a formative stage are critical to his / her long-term development as a responsible and contributing global citizen. Her e ...

fforts are being focused to provide the right environment for the children and support for working parents, especially mothers.

 Keeping this ideology in mind she was instrumental in designing the curriculum a unique in concept where the child`s age and mind development are taken into consideration. Also through this curriculum the child learns the updated techniques easily and interestingly.

 JIE School India Pvt. Ltd a private limited company was started by Avneet Kaur as Managing Director. The inception of the company was with an aim to impart quality education to the early childhood students. Also the years of international research into brain development this said “that a child develops around 50 percent of his/ her ability to learn in the first four years of life”. This particular research had a very positive impact on my vision and they simply thought that in these first four years a child forms the main learning pathways in the brain, everything else that a child learns later will be based on this foundation of good preschool education. A child absorbs a fantastic amount of information in these four years. And all later learning in schools or colleges will grow from this foundation.

Both of us came to a conclusion that International quality preschool education seeks to help a child acquire all-round skills in these early years so that the child becomes capable of more learning in future thus fulfilling the potential that he/ she is born with. I also believed that within a secure, warm and loving environment, children require both acceptances and challenge and wanted our school children are given positive guidance within the bounds of age appropriate acceptable behavior. Children learn and develop best when exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play. So I wanted to create an environment which provides opportunities for children to reach their potential in the areas of: physical abilities, expressive arts, problem solving, mathematical skills, language and literacy – and most importantly the ability to develop and maintain relationships and to make wise decisions.

Mrs Avneet Kaur - Director
TBC Express Salon

TBC Express Salon is the concept where you will get an instant umpteen services under Rs.149.Today TBC Express Salon has ended up Synonyms with "Totalitarian wellness with its centers crosswise over India and as yet extending by taking up new ventures the whole way across the globe.

Built on an ethos of safe and effective care, TBC Express Salon provides quality treatment, delivered by quality health professionals, in a quality environment. We recognize that no two clients are the same and take great pride in working with each individual to ensure the best possible results are achieved.

With a perspective to give Total Beauty Solutions in the impending year, TBC Express Salon wandered into Proveda Herbals under the administration of Mr.Asee ...

m Sood with a dream towards enabling life and prosperity. Proveda Herbals is the sister concern of TBC Express Salon which concentrates on the production and marketing of cosmeceutical items and administrations to customers over the globe. The portfolio incorporate skincare,haircare, bodycare and babycare which comes under the brand of “TBC by nature”.


  • This franchise model will strive to drive positive job creation in the beauty industry; promote women empowerment by providing an opportunity to associate with the brand by owning a franchise salon of The Body Care anywhere in India.
  • Our mission is to provide premium services of beauty and wellness treatments to our clients. We aim to achieve a heady mix of warm personal care and advanced technological expertise so that our customers leave us with happiness and confidence.


  • To establish a franchisee network pan India so that more and more people get the benefit from us.
  • To be a trusted name for aesthetics and beauty treatments in the country. We take pride in serving our customers with the highest quality of slimming and cosmetic solutions.

Looking to start beauty salons in India? Grab the opportunity to franchise with TBC Express Salon 

Partner with TBC Express Salon - a chain of beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value.

From product innovation, organic industry growth and continued growth into the male half of the population, the beauty industry continues to offer a diverse set of profitable franchising opportunities. Beauty franchises exist across the space with dozens of strategies reaching all types of consumer.

What makes us different?

Brand Equity:

The brand has strong recall and has been a well known brand in beauty & Wellness industry where many people gets benefited day in day out. This factor along with personalized services and competitive pricing helps in customer retention and breaking the competitive clutter of the industry, dominated by unorganized sector. Which will result in

  • Ensuring higher walk-ins
  • Ensuring higher conversions of walk in customers
  • Easy access to products, retail outlets located in convenient location

Promoters’ Experience and Expertise:

Company has benefited from the diverse expertise of its Promoters. While the promoter Sood Family has several decades of experience in the health, beauty & Wellness industry as well as a vast experience in several areas of business management by running 36 successful centers pan India.

Diverse service offering:

Apart from the corrective grooming programs, the centers also offer personalized beauty services.

Natural product based beauty treatments, and traditional know how (Herbal, etc) are next in line for the beauty revolution & The Company manufactures its own natural & herbal products under the brand name “TBC by Nature”

  • Optimally priced, customers may try them out but they need to be optimally priced to ensure they are regularly bought
  • Good quality facilities and value added services

Premium and personalized experience:

The company has always been maintaining the premium quality in its service offerings and always walked that extra mile to inculcate a sense of personalization. This in turn has created a brand name & recognition for beauty & Wellness and a huge loyal customer base.

Quality and Consistent service experience:

The company assures a unique and result oriented experience for its patrons, including world-class equipments and consistent quality of the trainer’s .TBC Express Salon hires the best quality beauty trainers to ensure quality experience and best results.


TBC Express Salon Franchisees will get full support by the experienced professionals.

  • Site Selection and Finalization.

TBC Express Salon helps in choosing the right location based on the evaluation of demographics, city potential and etc 

  • Salon & Interior Design

Detailed manual for consistency of design and experience with drawings, guidelines and specifications of materials, furniture, fixtures and equipment will be provided to the franchisee to avoid rework and wastage.

  • Selection of Staff

TBC Express Salon will help in recruiting the right skillful candidate .

  • Product and Equipment

TBC Express Salon will be providing the franchisee  “TBC by nature” products for timely delivery and beast price.

  • Training

A dedicated team of Master trainers in each field for training the trainers and management team to support every franchisee

  • Training Manual

 Full SOP (Standard operating procedure) manual for organized world class standards. Supported by a web based software saving you from all operational hassles.

  • Marketing Support

Pre launch, launch and post launch business planning and support.(you can expect to collect 30% of investment in this launch period itself). The Constant brand development support will be provided with  full marketing campaign, below and above the line, physically and digitally speaking.

  • HR Systems

A complete HR system comprising of appraisal, incentive system, Career road maps, awards and rewards

to ensure that costs are kept to be minimum, profits to an optimum and staffs are kept motivated and inspired at all times.

  • Research & Development

TBC Express Salon R&D team continuously works towards getting the excellent services by timely introducing the latest treatments& trends in the market.

Mr Aseem Sood - Director
Schools of Excellence

Here is an opportunity for you to be a self-entrepreneur& become a franchisee of Schools of Excellence for their skill development programs and this opportunity enables you to be the boss of your own business. The more effort you put the more you benefit. You can provide employment to others.

There are advantages in buying a franchise rather than buying or starting an independent business. Some of them are like-

Association with a well-established, reputed brand of product or service., Initial and continuous management training., Access to established standard procedures, operating guidelines & control mechanisms., Avoiding the unnecessary trial & error period in starting & operating a new business., Lower financial risk, compared to ...

other ventures. Because, investment costs are lower & profit margins are higher, Business format franchising complete packages ensure a ready to go franchised unit., The franchisee has an opportunity to run a proven business with a successful operational track record., The opportunity to learn the latest developments and changes in the local & global market from the franchisor and focus entirely on generating revenues., The benefit of operating under a recognized trade name / trade mark which can have better marketing results.

The potential for these programs are tremendous as it is the wish of every parent in the country to develop the skills of their children and make them competitive to face the competition of the future. Considering the present child population in our country which is more than 250 million, these programs have huge demand and hence huge potential for excellent income in every City / Town / District of the country.

We are providing our Franchisees in all parts of India in several categories like:

  • State Master Franchisee.
  • Master Franchisee.
  • District Franchisee
  • Centre Franchisee.

Mr. Vineet - Head Training
Masoom Kids Pre School

MASOOM KIDS refers to early childhood, Play school education and K-12 school education is a phase of introducing children to fundamental learning through the use of a medium that is engaging, less straining and more recreational in nature. In an interview with Simanchal Panigrahi Founder & Managing Director, Masoom Kids Preschool shares the brands success as well as aspirations from franchising.

Tell us about the concept and origin of Masoom Kids?

Masoom Kids is a unique and innovative pre-school, based out of Bhubaneswar, Orissa, the concept and origin of Masoom Kids was developed by the group of committed and experienced people to deliver high quality of education programs c ...

alled SHINE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS.This is skill based training introduced at the school for the utmost development of every child. That equip students with a solid foundation in integrated curriculum after the successfully implementation of the program at the school level, we have started our first preschool MASOOM KIDS in 2012 at Bhubaneswar for young little buds. Masoom Kids’ education system achieve this goal by including comprehensive, innovative teaching resources, by engaging students in active learning, and by effectively supporting each student’s success with their educational process.
Masoom Kids’ teaching framework has been designed on play-based programs that encourage children’s Communication, Discovery, Imagination, and Creativity skills. The system specifically designed for very young children to enhance their level of understanding, a strong sense of identity, connections with their world, and effective communication skills. Masoom Kids has a solid commitment to provide high quality care and education for young children.

What is the USP of the brand? Why did it opt for the franchise growth model?

The USP of Masoom Kids’ pre-school: Strengths & Specialties
• Fully Digital Method of Teaching
• CCTV & online surveillance support
• Theme & Integrated Based Curriculum
• Admission support kit for each curricular
• Weekly/Monthly Interactive Method of Assessment
• Focus on Stage Exposure, Cultural, Art & Craft, Dance, Indoor & Out Door Activities
• Experienced & Inspiring Facilitators
• Specially Designed Life & Behavioral Skills Modules
• Only pre-school proving shine leadership program based on life skills and leadership skills
• Unique support by providing inspiring parenting program for parenting workshops
Our after school programs are already acclaimed educational module and substance at the national level.
We focus not only academic skills but also life skills educational module that imparts the aptitudes of Imagination, creativity, Critical Thinking, analytical thinking Communication etc in young minds.
MASOOM KIDS opt for GREAT Reasons to Franchise :
• Experience in successfully managing pre-school .
• investment model offering attractive returns
• Unique reaching methodology encouraging practical learning
• Extensive guidance. training & support at every step.

How does the brand plan to exploit the potential of the Indian market?

There is a huge scope for penetration in Indian market for Pre-Schools Key Takeaways:
Lower Penetration in Indian Market: Concept of pre-schools is still in nascent stage in India as compared to developed part of the world; hence it presents tremendous growth opportunities.
Growth Potential: Out of estimated 55 lac preschoolers, only 12% are currently enrolled into the pre-schools; there is a huge scope to increase the market itself.
Informal Education category: Pre-school segment is a part of the informal education category which primarily caters to children between two and four years. As per the CRISIL research expects the share of the organized market to reach 34% in FY 16 from 11% in FY 10. Major drivers for this are expected to be raising awareness about pre-school education, big expansion plans of existing players and entry of more organized players in to the pre-school market
How do you make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition with the other brands into the market?
MASOOM KIDS is the main brand that has 15 year of education experience. In India we are the main preschool brand that is available in eastern region in India. Beings experience and expert in the educational industry we have developed international level of curriculum and skill based leadership program for the young achievers. We are only pre-school proving shine leadership program based on life skills and leadership skills that is certain to keep us a venture in front of rivalry.

How many franchisees do you have presently in India? What are your plans for the year 2015?

We have 28 operational centres as of date and plan to reach a 60 by 2015.we focus on no of centres adding values, quality services and happy franchising rather than no centres.

What all parameters do you follow before opening your outlet at a particular location?

We follow the following parameters before opening any outlet at a particular location:
Requirements from Franchisee
• The franchisee will need to provide at least 1500-3000 sq feet of space for the preschool. It should be on the ground floor. It should be safe for children.
• The Franchisee will need to get the approval from the local Municipal Authority, No Objection Certificate from the society and site Commercialization proof. ( if required as per local Municipal norms )
• Investment required: Rs 5-7 lakh [including franchise fee]

What are the qualities and qualifications that you seek for in your franchisees?

The franchisees similar backgrounds are highly desirable
• Investors/Women Entrepreneurs
• Conversion of existing pre-school
• Professionals from education segment
• Retired Professionals
• Passionate for social change through education.

How much Investment is required by aspiring franchisees?

• Investment required: Rs 5-7 lakh,we also have 3 models RURAL(2-3 LAKH)URBAN,(3-5LAKH) METRO (5-7 LAKH)
• return on investment [ROI]: 30-60 %
• Payback period: 1 year and 6 month
• Area: 1000-3000 sqft on ground floor with 500-1000 sqft outdoor area
9. What training and support can the franchisees expect from you?
Pre-Opening Franchise Support
• Comprehensive turn-key assistance from site selection to setup and start operations
• Layout and design; architectural support
• Pre-opening purchasing assistance
• Assistance in organizing of launch promotions
• Training
Post-Opening Franchise Support
• Operations Manuals
• Franchisee Coordinator
• Ongoing R & D in the course development and the market development initiatives
• Advertising & local promotion
• Operational support

How do you analyze this sector?

As per the CRISIL research expects the share of the organized market to reach 34% in FY 16 from 11% in FY 10. Major drivers for this are expected to be raising awareness about Pre-school education, big expansion plans of existing players and entry of more organized players in to the pre-school market There is a huge potential for branded players who are offering better, innovative and creative preschool system the planned, organised and systematic preschool regulations are also likely to benefit investor for better return. Out of estimated 55 lac preschoolers, only 12% are currently enrolled into the pre-schools, there is a huge scope to increase the market itself.

Mr Simanchal - Director
Kamboj Salon

Kamboj  Salon -A fully Professional, Luxurious and Hygienic Unisex beauty salon with qualified & experienced male / female staff.

Over past few years beauty salons have become an iconic image in both Indian and Western culture. It is an ideal place for skin enrichment, hair care, hair style, makeup & complete body care. Now a days people visit such places very frequently. Modern women are more conscious about their look, beauty & fashion, which turns the beauty industry in a promising position.

Kamboj  Salon brings you an exciting interactive experience: a highly personalized and intuitive service with expert advice to answer all your beauty questions. It Offers Make Up services, Hair Style & Treatment, ...

Skin Treatment services, Body Massage Services and Bridal Packages.

Aagaaz Fashion

AAGAAZ FASHION :- F.M’s approach towards clients is to create, modify, enhance and protect the business environment of F.M through creating inform opinions to our clients based on the analysis of current trends in the domestic and international market.

The carefully balanced combination of knowledge of the international market, the innovative approach to apparel, and experience of work, enhance F.M’s capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of key clients.

Adherence to stringent ethical standards, as well the use of creative tools make F.M capable of optimally satisfying the apparel needs of its clients,”

Fabrics We Use

F.M Garments uses a wide array of fabrics to create distinct style for ...

its customers from cotton, reyon, voil, modal,viscose,slub,linen,crap,dobby to synthetic and their blends. Through research is done before the fabric is send for production.

Aesthetics and Functionaly We Belive In

Our design team get inspiration from the global trend and we belive in developing a new trend in the marketif not following them.

Products We Offer

We make apparels for both gender and all ages. Our goal is to make all garments worn by human today, tomaorrow. Just shoot us e-mail and we will get your garment done.

Bragnam Pre School

What Bragnam is all about?

Bragnam,is actually a proto Germanic word from which word “Brain” is derived thus giving life to it’s name it is a education initiative which promotes learning activities. Bragnam has forayed in the field of education as in the process of making kids innovative to creative by imparting quality education. Bragnam is also inclined to bridge the existing talent gap between education and Learning.

Bragnam has more than 100 branches all over India covering all the major cities and towns of India. Bragnam follows unique system of education like Montessori, Waldorf learning techniques. Trained and experienced trainers are hired to impart knowledge and education of highest standar ...

ds. Bragnam provides ample opportunities to the students to excel their capacities from time to time.

According to Top 100 franchising in India 2017, Bragnam has been ranked as 25th as the “Top Business Opportunity in India”


What all Verticals are Bragnam working as on Date?

Bragnam is into three verticals that is Pre-Schooling, Abacus and Skilling.

Pre-schooling – Follows Montessori and Waldorf techniques of education. Unique and updated curriculum gives Bragnam an edge over other educators.Team Bragnam is taking care of all updations and methodologies throughout the world through its very qualified R&D Team.

Abacus - Abacus is mental development program of child,which makes kids develop there right brain thus giving them a learning edge by making learning easy. Mathematics becomes a child play for every student and calculations are faster than even calculator for them.

Skilling – Vision of our Honorable Prime Minister is supported by many skill development    organizations & Bragnam is also in very same league. Bragnam is working with NSDC and Various state skill development missions so as to promote skilling that is need of the hour today.

There are many brands in India, how does Bragnam Learning stands different among them?

Bragnam is providing education in a very different pattern. Here at bragnam we believe that quality is the foremost thing that matters the most of today’s learning. Bragnam emphasizes on practical training of students. The study module is so designed so as the requirements of the early childhood age.  At Bragnam, Learning is through different edutainment activities, we use Montessori and Waldorf methods of education in real sense. The faculties are very well qualified and trained who have to undergo training before starting training in there play ways.We also provide training to equip them with the latest concepts to technique of early childhood education.

 If considered in terms of investment Bragnam having the most reasonable franchise fee as in terms of back up and system that Bragnam is providing. Apart from regular studies kids are involved in various co-curricular and developmental activities like, sports, cultural activities, fests etc.


From how many years you are imparting education through your pre schools and are you willing to expand in other states?

Bragnam is in in its 6th year of operation and the team managing Bragnam Learning is having expertise in education working with various big education groups .Presently having a presence of nearing 100 Centers PAN India,Bragnam is looking to expand in regions where it is not present as on date so that students can take advantage of learning system in every part of India.


Where does Bragnam see itself in the coming years?

Bragnam is a fast growing name in the field of education. Bragnam does not count on the number of centers in-spite it works on the theory of quality. With only 5 years of existence Bragnam has set high standard in the field of education. Comparing with many similar brands Bragnam has grown very fast in response to delivery methodologies that Bragnam provides. In the coming years Bragnam is likely to be seen in every corner of India. We wish to educate every village of India.


RoboSmart Labs


The crisis of COVID 19, Worldwide lock down situation, and regular increase in positive cases have indeed highlighted 1 aspect predominantly. i.e Technology.

For the 1st time, Technology is not being criticized for its domination over human’s natural way of life. In fact

Technology is helping Humanity to survive and keep motivation level high at this Century’s toughest time. Technology is helping people to not only connect with near and dear ones in real time but also executing work - business related deliberations very effectively.

Technology is at its best of execution today. AI is helping Technology & Humanity to Coexist.

Artificial Intelligen ...

ce (AI) driven Technology today helping World Community at every aspect of their living. AI driven bots are not only helping medical Fraternity at Hospitals and research labs but also helping Industries to maintain their production amid Lockdown and ongoing crisis. AI is at its best use in Data exploration, date analysis & data sharing of Covid19 patients among various stake holders. AI driven applications used by various countries are helping in not only identifying COVID19 positive cases in real time at different levels but also helping Governments to design various policies based on these data to keep People safe. Arogya Setu app is one such AI driven application.


It is evident that even after the crisis is over Worldwide, AI and Robotics are going to play much more constructive role in shaping up various aspects of life, business and policy making.

There will be many more Start-ups, Ventures, and Technical innovations to address various avenues of AI & Robotics. There will be favourable policies & felicitation by various Governments

Do we have enough AI & Robotics experts to meet the demand of future. There is a need of hour to educate more and more people for AI-ROBOTICS for to be ready to help the World community in years to come and also to maintain the Worldwide supremacy of INDIAN IT experts


Why not to start empowering our youngest generation with the latest of Technology?

Teaching of innovation in Technology to kids is not only the need of hour but is also indeed instrumental in Country’s growth. Coding, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics are important ingredients of today’s Technology.

Learning Coding by kids has gained amazing momentum in recent months specially after the starting of the Lockdown. There are no. of organisations involved in teaching Coding online & undoubtedly a large numbers of students are getting benefited. Learning Coding is like putting you on the driving seat with the brief knowledge of traffic and vehicle.

But today the missing link is wholesome teaching of not only CODING but its various applications in AI & Robotics. At present, there is a vacuum of the defined Robotics Education System in the Country, both at foundation level and University/college level.


We at VACATIONS EDUTAINMNET realised this great Opportunity & diversified in to Robotics Education more than 3 years before & established Modern Robotics Labs in some of the leading Schools in the Country. School Robotics labs have its limitation in terms of available teaching time to the students & big strength of students.

We realised that, there is a need of setting up of Ultra-modern Robotics Learning Centres across the country to felicitate teaching of each and every aspect of Robotics.

Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today...........Bill Gates

We captured this opportunity & Conceived the Idea & an entity with difference  “RoboSmart Labs” was delivered.

“RoboSmart Labs” was launched with a Vision to become a dominant player/Brand in India and then Asia, of extending Robotics Education to the young generation & Enriching every Indian kid with the latest of Digital Technology as Digital Revolution is going to sweep India in the coming decade

“RoboSmart Labs” was born with the commitment to teach each of  CODING, Machine learning, Robotics, Electronics, STEM Education, Artificial Intelligence, App Development, Gaming, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Aero Modelling, Action-Recreation & Many More.

New  National Education Policy (NEP) announced on 29th July, has undoubtedly complimented the efforts of RoboSmart labs by making CODING/ROBOTICS learning Mandatory in Schools across country.

RoboSmart Labs are not only determined to extend quality Robotics education to the kids but also to prepare them to the level, where they are all set to make a bench mark at various levels.

AI - Robotics revolution is indeed on cards & “Robosmart Labs” is all set to acquire its Driving Seat. In last few Months, we got amazing traction & support from all around to decide to venture out with setting up of 165 ultra modern Robotics learning Centres across the country in 1st phase. Each Centre will be a joint venture with our local Business partner with the objective to ensure Cash rich Smile for both the partners while producing Technological young Geniuses year after year.

With the Target audience of 15 crore students from Grade 4th to 12th and CODING/ROBOTICS being now the scoring subject, there will be indeed a very high demand of professional teaching of Robotics Education. RoboSmart Labs is all set to bridge this Gap of demand & supply till some extent specially when even 1% of Schools are not equipped with the required infrastructure and faculty to extend teaching of Coding & Robotics Education.

This is indeed part of Humanity to help the Young Generation to become Digital experts of constructive side of Technology.

Shrutidhara Arya ( CEO-Founder )

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