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  • 30-Nov-2022

Mechatron Robotics is one of the most preferred platforms in India for students aged 7-22 years to learn 21st-century technological skills like Robotics, AI, IoT, Coding, Arduino, & more. Since its inception in 2018, they have trained more than 50,000+ students & with a network of 17+ franchise partners in India, Germany, Kenya, & 14 countries of Africa. It is the EdTech division of Neurapses Technologies Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading machine learning companies working on next-generation technologies to provide smart solutions to businesses.

Mechatron Robotics is recognized as internationally accredited body by It firmly believes in com- prehensive learning & provides project-based learning experiences to students that combine both technical & non-technical skills like Innovative thinking, Creativity, Logical reasoning, Communication, & Perseverance.

Further, it intends to expand globally, assisting entrepreneurs from other nations & areas in launching business through a cost-effective franchise-based model, easy to start a business & thus promote entrepreneurship among youth.

What makes Mechatron Robotics different from other players in the market?

1. Training experience of more than 50,000+ students across India & world through various workshops & training programs with one of the best course structures in both Online (12+ courses) & Offline modes (7+ courses).

2. Affordable Franchise & startup kit Fees for any passionate entrepreneur to start. With a strong support model & highly qualified technical team to support the partners.

3. Not just into coding but also provide training in mechanics, electronics, design, microcontrollers, & robot operating systems which students mostly like.

4. Robotics & other course modules are available for all age groups - kids, school students, engineering students & industrial professionals.

5. Highly supportive model & proven track record to support partners for lead generation, branding, promotion & building marketing strategy which is mostly not provided by other partners.

6. Low initial investment & ROI in 12-15 months.

7. Internship opportunity for school & college students as we are into IT & industrial applications as well.

8. Our international presence extends not only to India, but also to Germany, Kenya & Africa. The

9. feedback from existing franchisees has been very positive.

10. FREE Portal for franchisee partners, trainers & students to manage all the operational activities like student registration, attendance, certifications, grading, videos & course, quizzes, Assignment submission etc.

Do I need to be a technical person to start this business?

No. To run this business, you do not need to be a technical person. Trainers will handle the technical aspects. However, it is advisable to be technically oriented & take the course training & explain the course structure & benefits to students/parents & schools.

How are your technical courses different from others?

Our market research tells us that we are the ones who provide an extensive course of 48 hours per course for school & university students. We provide holistic knowledge of technical skills & teach interdisciplinary subjects to students. The courses not only include Coding, but Electronics, Microcontrollers, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanical Design, Arduino, Python & many more.

Do we have courses for college students & professionals as well?

Yes, we do have course for college students & professionals as well. The Courses usually taken by college students are Electronics, Embedded Systems using Arduino, Python, Robot Operating system, IOT, Raspberry Pi & Machine Learning. Yes, we do have course for these groups. The Courses usually taken by high school & university students are Electronics, Embedded Systems using Arduino, Python, Robot Operating system, IOT, Raspberry Pi & Machine Learning.

Is it necessary to tie-up with schools/institutions to utilize their infrastructure?

No, it is not necessary to tie up for infrastructure. However it is recommended to tie-up at an intial level to save the expenses.

Is the franchise fee inclusive of initial training for trainers?

Yes, we provide the training of the subscribed courses after onboarding of the franchise & it is included in the fees.

Who will be responsible for student training? What kind of support do you provide?

Franchise trainers will provide the training to their students. We support by assisting the franchise partner in finding the right trainer. Our next step is to train the trainers who will train the students registered under the center.

What support do you provide in Marketing?

We provide various support under Marketing & Digital Marketing :

1. Build Campaigns based on the strategy.

2. Design of all marketing materials like Signboard, Pamphlets, Marketing Collaterals for your Location.

3. Support & Training to deal with enquiries - Assisting partners for making proposals to schools & new leads for workshops.

4. Complete design support for advertisement on social media.

5. Support for creation of social media campaigns.


What value do we bring for our Franchise Partners?

(A) We have a strong experience, technological foundation, & support for our partners with the best curriculum & a 19+ variety of courses from online to offline modes

(B) In-house developed kits provide students with a wide range of learning opportunities.

(C) We have developed an LMS portal & application for franchise partners & students to manage classes & day-to-day activities such as lead management, batch creation, attendance tracking, registration, certificate generation, & many more things.

(D) We have multiple sources of revenue generations, such as Training programs, school tie-ups, workshops, labs, & KITS.

(E) We provide constant marketing & training support to our franchise partners.

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