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  • 23-Mar-2022

Becoming a business owner is not only a professional dream, but has the potential to impact the global economy. Thus, many people today have made it their mission to contribute and are seeking entrepreneurial opportunities rapidly. Naturally, there are many ways to start a business- but there is one way which has stood the test of time, economic parameters, and feasibility. Yes, one is talking about the beloved franchise model!


Undoubtedly, when one thinks of starting a new business, there are many ways that one explores their opinions. Criteria’s have to be met, industry has to be explored and start-up models have to be studied. In such situations, there are a few select ways one can secure their success- and the best one of them all is franchising! Here are a few reasons why franchising is safe, popular, reliable, and profitable way to become a leading business owner:

  • Established Brand Awareness: By franchising, brand equity is accessible as the consumers easily recognize and trust the services offered.
  • Speed to Market: With proven business strategies, existing branding knowledge, and online presence, franchise options like Brainwonders helps in immediate revenue growth.
  • Franchisors Support: Who doesn’t want a trained, experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate team to help their business get rolling- because that is what franchisers get!
  • Scalability: Brainwonders and other franchising options help make the business more scalable, which means that it can be expanded rapidly and with sustainable growth.
  • Bankable Experience: Established and leading brands like Brainwonders have years of researched, tried, and tested methods that have sharpened their products and marketing.
  • Innovation Secured: One needs to get better with time. Leading franchises like Brainwonders work with a future-oriented thought process with dedicated professionals.
  • Success Formula: Franchising has always seen a higher success rate, whether it is in terms of business growth, popularity and goodwill, or operational excellence.

So now that it has been established that franchising is the future, let’s explore where to start. Out of the many sectors and industries, only few can claim to have survived the recent turn of events. One should also opt for options where they have access to a large client base, ideally a sunrise sector brimming with product and service options. Thus, it is obvious where one can move ahead!


In India, only 10-15% out of over 3 million regular graduates & postgraduates are considered employable by various industrial sectors on an annual basis. Also, with the current COVID19 crisis, the parents and students are in a frenzy to secure the child’s academic and professional future- for obvious reasons. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many investors and entrepreneurs have found the evergreen education sector as a safe and prospering haven to get profitable returns.

In fact, counseling industry, specially being powered by the U.S. Patented DMIT has a great option to move ahead as it caters to all age groups. Academic guidance, extracurricular growth, time and stress management, personality development, learning style and study patterns, parenting guidance, subject selection, exam performance, option for the right institute/ courses, and SWOT analysis are just some of the many aspects that a career counselling session covers and enhances.


Brainwonders is India's largest counselling organisation. With 108 global centres and more than 12000 connected schools, Brainwonders has been revolutionising the face of academic guidance, career development and personal growth via its U.S. Patented DMIT and Online Psychometric Tests. Brainwonders has in fact, transformed many lives of all age groups and has thus become a leading ed-tech organisation. Founded by Mr. Manish Naidu, over the past decade Brainwonders has been nationally awarded on 7 different platforms including recognition for being the most trusted and digitally innovative career counselling company. Excellence and passion is what Brainwonders strives for- and that is exactly what has made Brainwonders a global success.

What sets Brainwonders way ahead is the fact that it is led by a future-savvy and technologically innovative team. Motivated and determined to the core, Brainwonders launched the first DMIT scanning android app, and provides all their services online, and that too end-to-end. It also has a secure web-based platform for all its partners and even customers, making the service easily implementable and accessible. Apart from the technical expertise, Brainwonders team provide market-proven models with Hence, opting for a Brainwonders franchise to kickstart one’s successful venture is a smart and future-proof decision!


The Brainwonders Team provides the opportunity to budding entrepreneurs via 5 lucrative and market-tested models:

  1. Consultancy: A fantastic opportunity for beginners, this can be started with even a home office with great prospects for further exploration and expansion later. Just get started with the training and expertise to get started as an edupreneur.
  2. Unit Franchise: This a comfortable start for those who would still like to divide their resources between personal commitments or full-time work and their dream of being a business owner. Working professionals and mompreneurs love this model.
  3. Area Franchise: If one wants to reign their location and also connect with schools- this is the right fit. Any serious entrepreneur can easily work with this- including those who are in the field of education and human development, like an HR professional, overseas admission consultant or teacher.
  4. Master Franchise: This is a popular choice for many dedicated edupreneurs who have a hunger for success. One easily secures a major location- like a town and starts building an empire. Also, many unit and area franchises upgrade to this model for its vast revenue framework.
  5. Regional Partnership: For those who dare to dream, this attracts major investors, business owners and corporate professionals who like it grand- with many franchise centres underneath them and fully exploring a vast client base consisting of students, parents, schools and firms.

With so many amazing opportunities, all one has to do is start. Connect with the celebrated Franchise Business Development team of Brainwonders, who always endeavour to make your business dreams their mission!

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