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Silver & Gold Jewellery Franchise in India

  • By Admin
  • 02-Apr-2022

About the company: 
Akshaya silvers & Gold Pvt Ltd is a fastest growing Silver & Gold company. It is handled by the managing directors Mr.V. Suresh Babu & Mrs. N Lakshmi. Akshaya Silvers completed its incredible tenure of six years of business in the Jewellery Industry, we are proud to announce that we have become a key player in the market. We deal in precious metals and gems and services about them. We specialize in Gold and Silver ornaments, and our company offers manufacturing, loan procurement, selling, and buying gold and silver items. Our family business in gold jewellery has been thriving for about 40 years successfully as of now. We are the most trusted goldsmiths in the industry with our years of experience. Akshaya Silvers has indeed emerged as the best platform to deal with gold and silver jewellery. With vast experience in the field, and we give you the best returns in the services. We value the worth of your money and your jewellery. While selling, we make sure that you get the actual price of your jewellery, and while buying, we also make sure that you get the purest of the quality. 

Our vast experience has enabled us to achieve this venture. We believe in the business’s honesty and integrity, and we know how to adhere to that. We provide you with the actual worth of your gold or silver jewellery. We also sell you authentic items of jewellery. In fact our vision is clear to reach the top most position in the Jewelry industry & also to be the best franchisor. 

Providing Franchise opportunity across the country and be the best brand for the stocks &b services. 

Why we are best in business: 
We provide quick and straight forward customer service related to gold and silver jewellery. Our employees are trained to deliver results quickly by maintaining the integrity of the business. Usually, in the Jewellery Industry, you may become a victim of phishing or fraudulent practice if you go on believing the unauthentic shops or any other platforms. With us, you will rest assured of credible and authentic service in terms of jewellery. 
We provide best Quality, Pure products (i.e Silver 92.5 & Gold 92.5) and Trendy latest designs. We also have special Silver Puja items, Nakashi/Antique items in our product range.
We have been dealing in gold and silver with numerous clients for about forty years now. With such vast experience in the field, we constantly conduct ethical business and have thrived in the market for so long. Our knowledge and experience enable us to return the customers best worth of their money or jewellery.

Adherence to Assuring Customer Satisfaction:
One of our topmost priorities is to satisfy the customers with our service outputs or jewellery pieces. We make no compromise in delivering the best to our customers. We understand the emotion lying behind buying or selling gold or silver jewellery. We respect those emotions and make sure they are valued accordingly. Your satisfaction is our aim, and your happiness in conducting business with us have made us flourish in the Jewellery Industry for so long.

Our business philosophy does not allow us to elude from the ethical standards of the industry. We provide you with the best value of your jewellery in the market. Our jewellery is credible in type and quality

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