How is Flyrobe leading and disrupting the rental fashion industry?

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  • 08-Dec-2022

Both domestically and internationally, the rental clothing market is expanding rapidly. Renting is a viable and cost-effective solution to the rising consumer demand. Gen Z and millennial clients are more likely to choose it since they are conscious of leaving a minimal environmental footprint. We live in an era of sharing economy where houses, cars, furniture, etc are shared amongst numerous consumers on a rental basis then why not clothes?

This need for apparel rentals in the Indian market was discovered by Flyrobe. Indians spend excessive amounts of money on luxury lehengas and sherwanis that are only worn occasionally for weddings. These attires are simple to rent and can be worn by numerous brides and grooms without breaking the bank or adding more trash to the already overflowing landfills.

Customers at Flyrobe have a huge selection to pick from. Rental fashion is available for anyone, whether it is bridal, non-bridal, or grooms wear. Customers have the option of visiting the stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore or shopping online as we deliver to more than 30 locations and are growing. We guarantee a seamless rental procedure. The pickup and drop-off are handled by Flyrobe, and the typical rental duration is 4 days. We take pre-bookings a maximum of 4 months prior to the event date. There is also an option to rent outfits on the same day by visiting the store. Drycleaning, size customizations, logistics, and maintenance are all managed by Flyrobe at no additional cost.

We are using franchise stores to expand PAN India in order to reach our clients more quickly and give them a hands-on experience. Customers can rent designer clothing at Flyrobe for 1/10th of the MRP. We are also working on a C2C approach to achieve circularity in its true sense. Through Flyrobe, anyone in India gets the chance to rent out their clothes and make money on a rental share basis. This is a fantastic way for individuals to earn some additional revenue and make the most of those gorgeous, heavy outfits.

30% of our wardrobe is for special occasions, and 70% of it is for daily use. However, this 30%—which is the little-used section—contributes to 90% of your wardrobe expenditures. Instead of purchasing and storing these outfits, renting them is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Renting heavy Indian ethnic clothing makes sense because these garments are rarely worn again. Additionally, twice a year, Flyrobe holds clearance sales where these clothes are fixed and marked down so that customers can buy them and keep wearing them for some more time.

Rentals are a viable solution to the fashion industry's problem of waste while also satisfying the urge to dress up in new outfits for various occasions, responsibly.

“Buy the basic, Rent the iconic”.

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