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18+ Centres across Pan-India in 6+ Cities

  • By Admin
  • 07-Jun-2022

Peas in Pod Preschool is an initiative of Brainyflock Private Limited & KSD International School, Greater Noida, India. We are North India's Fastest Growing Preschool & Day Care Chain.

We have over a decade of experience in the Early Childhood Education Industry. Having started our journey in the education segment in 2010 with an educational consultancy firm we entered the Early Childhood Education vertical with the formation of NND & Sons Private Limited in the year 2016. In the year 2019, the Preschool Chain, Peas in Pods was established under our parent company Brainyflock Pvt. Ltd. In the year 2020, the group formed KSD International School (Primary Wing) and also entered in Corporate Daycare Segment and school franchise vertical. Presently Peas In Pods 18+ Centres across Pan-India in 6+ Cities in addition to centers in Nepal.

? In our endeavor to match international standards in overall development, we have implemented curricular and co-curricular strategies that are backed up with research. A child's first step in the Peas In Pod family ensures his/her readiness for future challenges.
? With a team of efficient and globally dedicated educators and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we provide learning spaces that unfold the varied potentials and hone them to perfection.

For future academic success, we aim at providing our children with a safe and nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth for a positive self-image and a love of learning.
? To develop closely-knit teacher-student bonds so that they can achieve the best learning outcomes and the life skills required for success in their future life.

At Peas In Pods, our vision is to infuse deep-rooted values in our children that nurture generosity, selflessness, responsible, and global citizens ready to shape a better world
? To encourage children to develop their full potential. To offer a positive and unique early learning childhood experience

Peas In Pod has operationally running franchises signed up under various models. Under the typical Franchise Owned Franchise Operated Model, the investor makes an end-to-end investment into the project and also manages the operation on one’s own end. Taking a Franchise in such a scenario has dual advantages. A) You become a business owner with complete control of how the operations are managed. B) You get a ready-made successful framework and brand recognition with which you skip the toughest part of starting a business which is selling a service/product at a premium without having to create the market from the scratch. In addition, the franchise owner gets complete support in terms of how to initiate the operations to how to launch the school, and get quick conversions for admissions. SOPs for various operational and managerial verticals are also provided.
The Franchise Owned Company Operated Model is perfect for the salaried class who wants to start a business with the accumulated savings and gradually come out of the job on which the entire income of the household is at times dependent. It is also suitable for Business Owners who want to diversify their portfolio and minimize the risk of an event such as Covid or a Recession or a Supply Chain Shortage impacting their Business. To start the same, however, either type of investor might simply not have the bandwidth to run a new and separate business full-time and neither the financial backup to leave a monthly income coming into the bank on a recurring basis from one’s own job or an ongoing business. In such a scenario, the investor can make a reliable investment into a franchise business that already has a market presence and further is operationally strong. The investor gets the dual benefit of having a business to fall back on and in the meantime, also understanding the day-to-day functioning of how to run the business without leaving the recurring source of income coming from one’s job. Further, the business from day 1 runs smoothly, under the expertise of the company itself which ensures quick operational and capital break-even.

Taking a big leap forward in imparting early education of global standards to our little toddlers, Peas in Pods has designed its curriculum, "Peasum", as per the latest guidelines made available in the New Education Policy. "Peasum", in essence, encapsulates the various aspects of a child's personality and nurtures and drives the X factor unique to every child. We believe every child is uniquely different and it is important to nurture all the various aspects during this crucial stage of early childhood.
Our pedagogical philosophy is an amalgamation of Montessori and Playway Methodology. Our whole-child development framework is further defined by the driving principle of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which clearly identifies several bits of intelligence and preferences that human beings depend upon, to take in information and solve problems.

Peasum has specific elements specially designed to have a community of well-informed and active parents. Surveys across the world show that informed parents lead to a beneficial effect on academic achievement and long-term outcomes of students' results. The dedicated and customized parents segment of PEA-LEARN has details and references for parents for understanding the classroom teaching so that the learning can be taken up beyond the classroom.

Peasum offers a paved path of success through its worksheets that are designed with a purpose that goes beyond being a tool for written assessment. Each Worksheet has a preset objective provided with a set of supplement worksheets which prove to be a boon for the learners. It helps the students to refine, revise, practice, and retry.

INFRASTRUCTURE & AMBIENCE DESIGN: End to End guidance on interior and exterior design, with a standardized look, with branding support to enhance the ambiance of your preschool.
? Search, Approval & Finalization of Property.
? Infrastructure & Ambience Related Support as per Franchise Norms.
? Providing all setup material as per age requirements.
? Dedicated Admissions Team to connect with Admissions Prospects.
? Dedicated Team to handle all parent issues.

Strong hold on Digital Platforms & Media platforms, with Marketing Plans curated specifically to the franchise's demographic.
? Guidance on marketing materials.
? Guidance on inauguration and marketing plan
? Guidance on events and activities to be organized. ONGOING OPERATIONS SUPPORT:
? Online Marketing Support.
? User-Friendly CRM, Portal & Apps.
? Ongoing Staff Training.
? Regular Designing & Printing Support.
? Student Kit Supplies

Our curriculum is based on an amalgamation of the findings of Montessori & Playway Methodology.
? Structured Annual Curriculum divided across 8 Culminations
? Regular Teacher & Counsellor Training Sessions on the implementation of Curriculum
? Readily Available Annual, Culmination, and Weekly Level Planners for easy reference.

? One Time Payment and 5 Year Agreement
? Presence: 18+ Centres across 6 Cities
? North India’s Emerging Preschool Chain
? Amalgamation of Montessori and Playway Methodology
? Furniture, Play Equipment, Library Books, Campus Decoration Materials, Promotion & Branding Materials, Gym, Art & Craft Kit, Story Telling Kit, Office &
Admission Kit, etc.
? Highly Awarded Business Model
? Integrated Digital Learning Approach: SmartBook, Smart Chart, Interactive Pen, QR Based Books, Digital Class Content, Learning App, Digital Home Schooling
? Marketing & Operational Support
? Audit and Training (At PIP Training Centres + Online)
? Curriculum & Syllabus (365 Days Planner)
? Mobile App for Parents & Teachers
? ERP for School Management
? All Marketing Designs & Support: Via Email
? Email & Website Support
? Toll-Free Facility: 1900-102-5474
? Social Media Marketing Support
? Admissions Inquiry Support
? Online Admission Counselling Support
? Award & Recognition

KSD International School: KSD International school is an initiative of Brainy Flock Pvt Ltd., Greater Noida. KSD International School is North India's Emerging K-12 Chain with a great presence in Delhi NCR. We are concerned with the development of a child and introducing him/her to structured learning in a systematic and innovative way.

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