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Beauty and Salon

Plutus Plus ( Handmade Chemical Free Skincare Products )

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Beauty and Salon

Plutus Plus ( Handmade Chemical Free Skincare Products )
Category : Beauty and Salon
Established : 2020
Started : 2020
Brand Outlets : 10 +
Investment : Model A ( Channel Partner )- INR 40K - INR 50K ., Model B ( Kiosk ) - INR 1.5 L- INR 2 L , Model C ( Master Franchise ) - INR 10 L - INR 12 L

Business Details

Brand name 'PlutusPlus' is the amalgamation of two words-Plutus & Plus. 'Plutus' was the Greek God of abundance of prosperity and growth. 'Plus' depicts accentuating the experience of the blissful state through attainment of pure joy. The extension to the name is 'Pure Bliss' which is again an experience of the bounties of the nature's purest ingredients.

About Our Handmade Soap -Handmade soap is exactly that made by hand. They are made with vegetable oil and/or animals fats for their skin care properties. The soapmaker will often include additives to the soap for their healing, exfoliating and esthetic properties. The final product if further handcrafted by the creator with regards to packaging design.

Founder Of Brand 

Mridula Bhardwaj :- Over 18+ years of experience. 8 + years in business development/Marketing in Direct Marketing and 10 years of experience in Retail Asset (Secured and Unsecured Business). A veteran with expertise in strategic planning, competitor and market analysis, stafing, management, pre-sales efforts with skills in management and targeted marketing. 

Neerja Gaur :- Total 10 years of experience, 2 year in real estate in Chandigarh region. Got married after that to a very prestigious and inluential family of Ambala, but always was a visionary with independent instincts and carrying the social responsibility of right to education on her shoulders started a school for under privileged kids six years ago .

Our Products :-

(A)-  Handmade Soaps

(B)- Skin Pamper

(C) - Oils

(D) -Shower

(E)- Miracle Herbs

Why Choos Our Products :- We believe that what you put on your skin should be very friendly & loving to your skin, helping it revive from the harsh effects of your daily hassel, heal and to bloom to be glowing and giving you all the beneits of the natural ingredients used in the making of these products.

Over time, there has been a notable paradigm shift in the consumer preference with more and more people choosing organic. Our soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients with around 11 kinds of essential oils, nurturing botanicals, antioxidants, mineral-rich clays, to cleanse, hydrate and nourish all skin types. Using age-old formula for concocting the perfect remedial solutions for all things skin care and opting for an environmental-friendly packaging, Plutus Plus is sure to become the leading manufacturer of organic soaps, oils and ubtans that will revolutionize the cosmetic industry on a global scale and also be a contributor to sustainable development.

Our Entire Range is Highly appreciated and accepted due to the following reasons :- 

(A) World Class Soaps & Other Products

(B)- Experienced & Innovative Team

(C)- Reasonable prices

(D)- Excellent Customer Service

(E)- Expertise in designing 

(F)  Good ProductQuality

Why  Plutus Plus  Franchise ? :

(A) Tested Unique Business model.

(B) Excellent margin.

(C) Standard Operating Procedures in all aspects of business.

(D) Regular Research and development to provide new  products.

(E)-  A unique concept targeted to a huge market.

(F)- National, regional and local marketing programs drive customer walk-ins.

 Advantages of Brand Franchisee:-

(A)-Low Cost & High Return Business

(B)- 24*7 Brand Support

(C)-Established brand

(D)- We believe in 100% transparency

(E)-Unlimited Growth Opportunity

(F)-Quick ROI.

Brand is Offering Franchise Network Across India.

Let's Join Hands With Most Profitable Leading  brand " Plutus Plus  " and Earn More Profit.

Team- " PLUTUS PLUS  "




Franchise Investment Requirements:

Single Unit :

Model A ( Channel Partner )- INR 40K - INR 50K ., Model B ( Kiosk ) - INR 1.5 L- INR 2 L , Model C ( Master Franchise ) - INR 10 L - INR 12 L

Brand Fee :

Not Applicable

Equipments :

Only Products Billing - Model A ( Channel Partner )- INR 40K - INR 50K ., Model B ( Kiosk ) - INR 1.5 L- INR 2 L , Model C ( Master Franchise ) - INR 10 L - INR 12 L

Furniture And Fixtures:

Model A ( Channel Partner )- Normal Office Setup , Model B ( Kiosk ) - INR 40 K - INR 50K , Model C ( Master Franchise ) - Standard Office Setup

Advertising / Marketing :

Brochures / Pamphlet / Marketing Materials / Digital Marketing would be provided by brand

Expected Pay Back Period:

Model A ( Channel Partner )- 1 - 2 Months ., Model B ( Kiosk ) - 2 - 3 Months , Model C ( Master Franchise ) - 8 - 10 Months

The Expected Return 
On Investment To The Franchisee:

Model A ( Channel Partner )- 35 % - 40 % , Model B ( Kiosk ) - 50 % , Model C ( Master Franchise ) - 60%

Any Other Investment Needed:

Not Required

Looking Expansion In Areas:


Franchisee Training Details:

Field  Assistance Available  For  Franchisees:


Franchise  Traning programme:


Detailed  Operating Manuals  For Franchisees:


Need of IT System:

Computer , Printer & CCTV Camera 

Assistance  From Head Office To Franchisee:


Franchise Investment Requirements:

Required Property For This Franchise Opportunity:

Commercial / Residential

Required  Floor Area:

Model A ( Channel Partner )- Not Required ( Work From Home ) , Model B ( Kiosk ) - 50 Sq Ft - 70 Sq Ft , Model C ( Master Franchise ) - Only Office Setup Requried

Preferred  Location  For Unit  Franchise:

Easy Approachable / Commercial Mall / High Footfall Area / High Street / High Residential Area

Office  Staff Required:


Computer  / System :

Yes (1)

Internet  Connection :


Franchise Website Details:


Website Url

Franchisee Other Details:

Have standard Franchise Agreement:


Franchise Term:

5 Years ( Renewable )

Apply for Franchise

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